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Understanding your unique needs

Medical cannabis is a new and growing field and requires many adjustments to help each patient to achieve their desired goals. With the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, Sconza Incorporated dba Adonai Healthcare Solutions & Adonai Alpha Healthcare Solutions offers medical marijuana consultation and works hard to help alleviate your symptom and track your progress and preferences. We have licensed physicians and personnel trained in medical marijuana certifications.

We offer consultation services including:

  • Encouraging each patient to keep a journal that includes the level of symptom discomfort, dose ingested or smoked, and level of relief provided
  • Assessing for and reporting adverse effects of marijuana use and abuse
  • Full documentation of adverse symptoms, type, route, amount, and frequency of marijuana consumed
  • Patient education

Before a patient can receive marijuana for medicinal use, he or she must apply for a registration and a state-issued identification card. Then, they would have to talk to an MMCC-registered physician to ask for a written certification. The patient will be evaluated, and the application will be reviewed to assess the patient’s eligibility for the treatment. Once a patient is approved to receive the medication, he or she can take the medical marijuana from a state-approved dispensary and is eligible to receive the maximum amount permitted per month.

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